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[2013-06-01] red blossoms out NOW !!!

EKS.CENTER new LP "Red Blossoms" is available !

You can listen it and buy it at the sound page or at official bandcamp page !


"red blossoms" is the second album and first EKS.CENTER's LP . Exploring electronic spheres, brushing against the border of glitch and IDM music, EKS.CENTER take us on a journey through the world, a daydream, altered and sometimes idyllic a resolutely urban travel.


Album available at


Watch the video trailer !!!

[2013-03-30] e.k.s. center changes its name !

E.K.S. CENTER changes its name graphism. For more simplicity it will be now written : EKS.CENTER

[2012-05-18] - live at angtprod party #2 available

Recorded during the Angstprod Party #2 on 2011-06-02, the live set is now available for listening and downloading.


This live set regroups some released and unreleased tracks. feel free to download and share.


album listening and downloading on sounds page


red blossoms (LP)

CD-R, Digital (MP3/Flac) . sinik dpt 2013

"Red Blossoms" is the second album and first EKS.CENTER's LP . Exploring electronic spheres, brushing against the border of glitch and IDM music, EKS.CENTER take us on a journey through the world, a daydream, altered and sometimes idyllic, a resolutely urban travel.


available in full colour digifile CD-r pack or digital.



listen and order album at


live at angstprod party #2

Digital (MP3/Flac) . angstprod - 2011

This album has been recorded at angstprod party#2, on june 11th 2011 at BT59 club, near Bordeaux (France)


Full album downloadable for free at

grey morning (EP)

Digital (MP3/Flac) . angstprod - 2010

"Grey Morning" is a urban story of a week, a trip through everydays life, beginning by a sad and grey monday morning, followed by a tiring, monotone and sleepy week of work, finishing by an explosion of life and light, synthetic pleasure, and a so hard and amnesiac sunday morning...


initially released on angstprod netlabs in 2010, new edition by sinik dpt in 2013


Full album downloadable for free at


All began in the beginning of the 1980's, when was almost a child, by the discovery of electronic music, keyboards, synthesizers, drum boxes and other electronic music instruments… I was really fascinated by all this technology and the marvelous sounds this could create...

In 1984, I owned one of these little family computers you could find in the beginning of the 80's. My first experiments in electronic music were starting at this time. This computer made shitty 8 bits sounds, but there was such a texture that it was a unique great sound!

I did not make something interesting music on this machine; I started composing real tracks on a more evolutive machine, an Atari computer. It was really a weak machine compared to our powerful computers, but it was just enough to merge chip sounds and small samples! It was in 1988 and the music I listened to at this time was new wave, acid and Detroit house music, and I composed rhythmic tracks full of bleeps and sid sounds...

Some years later, I bought a real synthesizer, a four tracks tape recorder and a multi effect and started to make experimental and industrial music, with a lot of my old acid and electronic new wave influence, to create in 1995 an industrial music project called LITH. This project really worked and became a rather famous band in the industrial scene. LITH story goes on today.

The first ideas about EKS.CENTER came in 2003, when SHIZUKA (a guy playing at this time in a musician collective I used to work with) and I tried to make a parallel project in an electronic, glitch and IDM style. We did not have had the time, but the idea did not disappear.

A little bit more than ten years after the beginning of LITH, I wanted to create something lighter and melodic, and logically I took the way taken before with Shizuka: EKS.CENTER was really born in 2008, result of a few years of sound experiments, musical discoveries and a deep desire of renewal, far from the ideologies and antispecists, antivivisectionists, and ecologists concerns of LITH.

Dissociating from power noise and industrial style, I produce with EKS.CENTER a melodic and rhythmic music, emerging from various influences, from electronica, IDM, glitch, chip tune, drum'n bass to hip-hop, eighties new wave, kraurock music, finding inspiration in everyday life, feelings, Japanese films, contemporary art and architecture...

This is the beginning of EKS.CENTER's story...



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download bio sheet . french . english


download technical sheet . french . english



red blossoms trailer

angstprod party #2

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